Riddellvue Angus sale dips into the past & looks to the future

Riddellvue Angus sale dips into the past & looks to the future

Riddellvue Angus is dipping into the past, looking to the future, and bringing the very best American genetics to its 2022 Annual Spring Angus Bull Sale.

The on-property sale near Alexandra in the Goulburn Valley on Wednesday October 5 will feature 30 18-month-old bulls and Stud Principal Ian Bates says buyers can expect a great draft of naturally reared bulls.

This year’s spring sale has been delayed by a month and Ian believes the deferral will be vindicated by the quality of bulls on offer.  “I’m pretty excited about the line-up; it’s a very even lot of bulls,” he said.

“We put the sale back a month because it was a tough season and it’s pretty hard to get bulls ready for a spring sale in our district. We came through the winter pretty well, but I thought I’d give myself a month’s grace and give the bulls a bit more time, and it’s going to work. The bulls are looking great now and come sale day they will be even better.”

The catalogue will feature some older genetics coming back to the fore, including a couple of sons by LT Driven.  “I love the LT Ranch that does a really good job in the United States,” Ian said. “I still had some of the semen, so I thought I’d give it a go and it has worked really well.”

Ian had previously travelled to the US five times to look at sires. “There are pretty good ranches over there for sourcing cattle. It has been hard since COVID to get there but you can still get advice from people you trust on what US bulls to use that will be good for Australian conditions.”

This year’s catalogue also features a line-up of exciting bulls sired by US sire Woodhill Blueprint from Wisconsin based stud, Woodhill Farms. Blueprint was their top-selling bull in the 2019 Sale and has produced a really great set of bulls at Riddellvue with volume and good type.

The 2021 sale set a new stud record with an average price of $9071, and the upcoming sale will follow that success with more progeny of MOGCK Entice on offer.

“We had sons of Entice in the last sale and they sold very well. They are a similar-style bull to the Woodhill Blueprint sons and will be popular,” Ian said.

Among the 30 bulls on sale, Ian says there is strong stud potential in several of the sires.

He’s also investing in the future, earlier this year buying the top-priced bull out of Reiland Angus’ autumn sale, Reiland Ricochet R952.  “I found him to be a very complete bull in structure and phenotype,” Ian said. “He’s very well put together with an amazing set of numbers to go with him.”

Ian expects to see his first progeny for sale in a few years. “We’re pretty excited about his prospects,” he added.  Ian is confident the industry is in good shape and demand will remain strong.

“There is a bit of scare around with foot and mouth disease which would be totally devastating if it came here, but putting that aside, bull sales have been on fire with averages up and high demand.

“I don’t think the concern about FMD will affect the bull market this season – the industry is still in a great spot and is really strong.”
Every bull on sale has been naturally reared. “I don’t like to push my bulls too hard,” Ian said. “I’d rather they grow naturally, and I just top them up a bit to get them to a sale weight with a bit of condition.

“Come October 5, things will be looking pretty good with a great lot of bulls with good temperament that are ready to work.”

The auction starts at Whanregarwen near Alexandra at 1pm and will also be online via AuctionsPlus.
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