Riddellvue Angus stud at Alexandra sets new bull record

Riddellvue Angus stud at Alexandra sets new bull record

​*22 of 26 bulls sold to $20,000, av $12,000

A commercial Angus stud at Alexandra has broken its previous top-priced bull record and set a five-figure average at its on-property bull sale in north-east Victoria.

Riddellvue Angus stud sold 22 of its 26 Angus bulls to a top-price of $20,000 to average $12,000 at its spring sire sale on Wednesday.

The top-priced bull was bought by a commercial producer who sells between 600-800 weaner cattle through the Wangaratta feature sale each January.

The consignment of 18-month-old bulls – and the new sale topper – broke the previous top-priced record of $15,000 set during the stud’s spring sale in 2021.

Riddellvue Angus stud principal Ian Bates said he was blown away by the strong result.

“It’s an amazing average for us because normally this north-central district is known as the cheapest area to buy bulls,” Mr Bates said.

“We have a very good commercial following and it just shows those buyers came back with confidence, along with a few new faces in person and online which is exciting for the stud.”

Mr Bates said he aimed to breed phenotypically correct bulls first and foremost.

“I don’t get hung up on numbers or figures,” he said.

“I’m aware they’re there purely for the on-seller, but I’m not a chaser of them.

“I just like breeding good-style bulls with a bit of meat about them that are structurally correct.”

Overall, one Angus bull sold for $16,000, three Angus bulls sold for $15,000, and one bull sold for $14,000 to a buying gallery which spread from Geelong to Albury, NSW.

Dennis Heywood, Glenlock, Everton, bought the top-priced $20,000 as well as Lot 2 for $12,000 under the trading name DKF Heywood & Sons.

The top-priced bull, Lot 13 Riddellvue Entice, was a February 2021-drop animal sired by US bull Mogck Entice via artificial insemination and out of Anvil Irene N447.

The stud said the bull featured traits which highlighted its good calving ease, moderate birth weight and its dual-purpose ability to be joined over both heifers and cows.

Mr Heywood breeds cattle for the Wangaratta weaner market each January and sells on average anywhere between 600-800 cattle at the sale each year.

“He was a good, smooth-skinned bull with good feet, he has plenty of length and is ideal for the weaners I breed,” Mr Heywood said.

“I’ve had two other Riddellvue bulls before and they’ve been very, very good.”

Mr Heywood said he was attracted to the Alexandra for several reasons.

“The bulls are not overfed, they’re pretty natural and do well up here in north-east Victoria,” he said.

“I work on saying that if you have 10 calves and they average $2000, then this bull is a very good investment.”

South-west Victorian buyer Greenhills Vic Pty Ltd, Birregurra, was the largest volume buyer with three bulls which included Lot 10 for $9000, Lot 20 for $8000, and Lot 23 for $13,000.

One Geelong-based buyer bought two bulls via AuctionsPlus, Lot 22 for $16,000 and Lot 30 for $11,000, while GA & ADJ Kyval, Alexandra, bought two bulls to $15,000 (twice).

Marlene Walsh, Taggerty, also bought two bulls for $13,000 and $11,000, while Bekperiver Pty Ltd, Alexandra, bought a pair of bulls for $12,000 and $6000.

Nutrien Stud Stock auctioneer Peter Godbolt selected the top-priced bull, Lot 13, before the sale and told Stock & Land he would place money on the future sire topping the sale.

“He stood out when I went through the bulls,” Mr Godbolt said.

“He had a big, long body, smooth-fronted and I don’t reckon we’ve seen the best of him yet because he’s only a baby.”

Mr Godbolt said the sale was supported by both new and returning clients.

“We also had competition from Tasmania on AuctionsPlus and while they didn’t end up purchasing a bull, there was strong interest from Tassie,” he said.

Stud set to move further east from Alexandra

The 2023 Riddellvue Angus autumn bull sale will be the final on-property sale at Alexandra for the stud as it plans to relocate to northern Victoria in the latter half of next year.

“The stud is moving to Markwood just out of Milawa up near Wangaratta,” Mr Bates said.

“That will be our home base and where we’ll be living and where we will host our bull sales moving forward.”

Mr Bates said the decision to relocate was due to a combination of factors, including an expiring lease on the Alexandra property and a change of lifestyle.

Courtesy Bryce Eishold, STOCK & LAND