Riddellvue Angus stud sale sees consistent sales

Riddellvue Angus stud sale sees consistent sales

* Total clearance of 28 bulls sold to $12,500, av $9054

NSW studs continue to spend big at Victorian stud sales, with a NSW Angus commercial operation buying three lots at Riddellvue Angus stud’s on-property sale.

Riddellvue stud principal Ian Bates said the sale was solid with four bulls going for $12,000, while the top-priced bull – Lot 27, Riddellvue Nic Nat R125, sold to Sam Tanner, Baddaginnie, going for $500 more.

Lot 27’s estimated breeding values included +4 birth weight, +54 200-day weight, +109 400-day weight, +142 600-day weight, and an intramuscular fat of +2.3.

“I think it was just a very consistent sale overall, with that top-priced bull being a good bull, but there were five bulls who received that $12,000 price tag who were all very high quality as well,” Mr Bates said.

“So he was lucky when he went for $500 more, but the whole sale showed how solid and even the bulls are from front to back.”

The four lots who drew $12,000 included Lot 2, Riddellvue Entice R138, Lot 19, Riddellvue Trailblazer R149, Lot 21, Riddellvue Rumba R156, and Lot 31 Riddellvue Reggie R163.

Mr Bates said the drawcard at the sale was a bunch of new sire lines like the Mogck Entice and Ferguson Trailblazer, and that there was potential for higher prices with Lot 3, Riddellvue Trailblazer R132, possibly being the lead bull if it wasn’t withdrawn.

“There was quite a bit of interest in those bulls and it was unlucky that Lot 3 got knocked out on the morning,” he said.

“There is quite a bit of interest in those genetics coming through and we were probably one of the first ones to put them up.”

He also welcomed “half a dozen new clients” but a good, consistent set of repeat clients showed there was continued interest.

One of those repeat clients was Nap Nap Station, Maude, NSW, and while manager Hammish Cullenward would normally headed to Alexandra to attend the Riddellvue sale, he had to miss out this time around due to being infected with COVID-19.

“I had a good manager down there who is reliable and he knew what needed to be done,” Mr Cullenward said.

The station was the was the highest volume buyer at the sale, buying Lot 1, Riddellvue Trailblazer R111, for $10,000, Lot 16, Riddellvue Road Block R153, for $8000 and Lot 25, Riddellvue Rugby R119, for $6000.

Mr Cullenward said he was impressed by the line up out of Riddellvue, and that he bought up big due to his good relationship with the stud over the years.

“We have got a good understanding with Ian going back years, and there is always a fantastic line up at the sales,” he said.

“That’s why we always head back and ensure that we continue getting good, lightweight bulls for our commercial Angus operation here.”